By -: Cherie
This property is beachfront and Kent and crew were amazing. This is a convenient yet private location.
By -: Miguel

So far one of my favorites stays on stx..... amazing grounds and rooms are much more than you can ask for !!!!
By -: Erika

Beautiful location! Friendly and helpful host and staff.
By -: JodY

Quite and secluded. The dirt road leading to it get a little muddy when it rains so be prepaid to get you car dirty. Other than that it was a nice place to stay.
By -: Lani

Amazing place!!! Very friendly and accommodating!!!
By -: Fatima

This was my husband’s and my first trip to St Croix and we had a wonderful time at Humming Bird Hideaway. Kent is a very generous and hospitable host who truly makes you feel at home. The property has direct access to a secluded beach which you can enjoy anytime of the day! There is a grocery store 10 min drive from the house and you can get anything you like to cook at the convenience of your HBH’s room. Note: T-Mobile has really bad coverage all around the island so you will need to relay on WiFi or maps!
By -: Jennifer

This place is absolutely beautiful!! Very spacious and wonderfully kept. Someone is always around when needed to help, and Kent is a great host! It is truly a hidden gem, would highly recommend.
By -: Teresa

Wow! My husband and I were staying on the island at a hotel that was not the nicest. So we looked for a place to stay and was extremely lucky that on short notice Kent had a one bedroom condo available. Our jobs requires us to to be around people a lot and travel, therefore when we go on vacation we look for someplace secluded. This place was extremely secluded with a beautiful view and a gorgeous beach. One morning I watch the sunrise as someone rode by on the beach and a horse. It was picture perfect. The one afternoon we stayed up and the veranda while doing some work, enjoying the beautiful ocean views and quiet surroundings. The mile long beach was beach was sandy on the shore and in the water with no seagrass. Although not the best for snorkeling to see fish, I was extremely satisfied and loved the beach. Kent was great as he is workers help with the luggage, helps with our groceries, and whatever we want it. The condo was nicely decorated and pretty clean. Although there were some gecko droppings in the bathroom and cupboards, I was told by another local that it’s extremely difficult to keep them out. On the other hand they help to eat other bugs so there’s a trade off. LOL The Wi-Fi and Internet was very fast and free. The host had a group to set up on the TV so we could watch Hulu and Netflix etc. We were sad to go but look forward to returning. PS. You will need a car.
By -: Dominica

There are so many wonderful things to say about this place. Me and my girlfriends needed a place to stay last minute, and we reached out to Kent who responded immediately and accepted our request. We received a very warm, and personalized greeting from Kent and his staff. They made sure we felt right at home, right away. The room was clean, updated, and very functional for three women. The staff here is amazingly helpful, kind, and they were very responsive to our needs, both spoken and unspoken. The veranda is absolutely breathtaking, and the view even more so. We spent a lot of time there relaxing on the beautiful outdoor furniture, socializing at the nice long communal table, relaxing on the rocking chair, and snoozing on the hammock. We even fit in multiple yoga sessions down there! Kent brought out mats we could use to fit in our sessions. Talk about Namaste! It was like heaven on earth! As for the beach, it’s very quiet, with little to no traffic, swimmable, clean, and just ... beautiful. We spent a lot of time down there, the Hideaway providing nice beach chairs for lounging. Every morning the beach chairs were pulled out of storage and waiting for us before we even emerged from our room! Talk about service! Additionally, there is a small storage building down there with water amenities such as paddle boards, bodyboards and swim noodles. We used the body boards, and as grown women, we had a whole ‘lotta fun on them! On the Saturday night that we were there, there was a bonfire. It was a nice social, intimate setting where we could meet other people staying at the Hideaway, and spend time with the local staff. We even made s’mores! We got rained out, but we moved the gathering to the veranda, and stayed up late into the next morning enjoying each other’s company, sharing stories, and having lots of laughs. That alone was a gigantic bonus we weren’t expecting. It was such a privilege to meet and connect with people at the Hideaway! We even feel like we’ve made friends for life! Additional bonus for us: on the day we had to leave, our plane didn’t takeoff till around four, so they let us hang out on the beach and keep our stuff in the room until we were ready to leave. We didn’t have to wander around aimlessly with no homebase until it was time to leave the island! We got extra time to meet more people, and soak in more sun and relaxation at the Hideaway. That was super special and very meaningful to us. That showed us outstanding customer service, and true human kindness. Those are the qualities I truly believe this place is built-on. Honestly, never did we feel our needs weren’t being met, or we weren’t having a good time. They were a couple days when we didn’t even leave! The Hideaway has everything you need to relax and recharge during your Caribbean stay. Again, there are so many amazing aspects to this place (most stemming from the people behind it). The Hideaway is like a home I didn’t want to leave! If you’re considering a trip to St. Croix, don’t think twice! When you do come, stay at the Hideaway and prepare for a mind-clearing, soul-satisfying, spirit-cleansing experience - really. You won’t be disappointed, and you’ll definitely be coming back, just like me :-) cheers!